How do I delete or deactivate a patient?

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Is there any way we can UNshow the deactivated patient so we don't keep clicking on the wrong one?
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Hi Carol! Inactive patients should automatically hide in the system so that you are not clicking on the wrong one. If you are still seeing inactive patients, you can hide your list of inactive patients by unchecking the Show inactive patients box when searching for patients in the system.

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Deleting extraneous stuff.

how do I delete the test patients from training? and how can I just have soap not pop up rather than the other note options. as a psychiatrist, those other notes are irrelevant.
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So what happens if you have a patient who decides they do not want their information online? I have attempted to delete the chart due to the patient's privacy wishes, but there is no option. I have attempted to delete all documentation, but you cannot delete uploaded documents designated as "referrals", which still contain patient information. There has to be a way to eradicate this information as it goes against the patient's wishes to have it remain uploaded.
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Can I delete a patient? 

There isn't a way to delete a patient once they've been created. However, you can deactivate the patient which will effectively remove them from your list of patients. 

How do I deactivate a patient? 
In the Old EHR: 

To deactivate a patient, open the patient chart and select the Basic link on the left-hand side. Click the Edit button, uncheck the "Active patient" box at the top and click the Save button. 

In the New EHR:

To deactivate a patient, navigate to the patient's profile and un-check the "Active Patient" button. Save your changes.

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